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Ellie Mei Clothing Manufacturing

We would like to express our own unique point of view in regard to the manufacturing of the clothes available here.  And although we are not members of any of the many fine organizations or groups committed to ethical sustainable fashion. We do take our commitment to the folks we work with, our employees, our manufacturing , our customers and the world very seriously in regards to ethical fashion

We personally buy our fabrics, do the quality assurance and ensure we are using Eco-friendly materials. Even synthetics can be made in different ways to be Eco-friendlier let’s say.  It may surprise some just how many do. This isn’t in an effort to make the cheapest clothes on the planet. Of course cost is a factor but we try and make clothes that are comfortable as well as affordable and at the same time try and reduce our footprint whether it be manufacturing,

Cutting /Sewing/Ironing :





shipping or wherever we can. 

At our  factory we emphasize saving electricity, water, recycling and eliminating waste. We treat all of our employees well and everyone is made to feel they work in a safe and open environment. As well as piecework incentive there is also a base salary and overtime pay. Employees are satisfied with the arrangements for our wages. Rather than looking at the exchange rate, wages in local currency unit (LCU). is actually better than some factories I have visited in the states. There are also weekends and certain holidays provided to employees, so that they can balance work and family life. In addition we regularly schedule outdoor activities and outings with employees to enrich our work and leisure life. Overall we are a very united group.

We design and manufacturer fashion clothing . We are always looking for boutiques and shops worldwide to distribute our designs. Please feel free to contact us .

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